Giới Thiệu các sản phẩm Chungmei PCCC

Chung Mei,
which was founded in 1970,
is a professional fire alarm system manufacturer and designer in Taiwan.
We offer high quality products including detectors, control panels,
fire alarm accessories, and others.
Our company has been steadily growing more than 40 years,
and we have accumulated lots of technical and marketing experience.
We have dedicated ourselves in research and development of new products by
escalating standards of technology and quality.
Our product line is compliant with the Chinese National Standard (CNS),
ISO 9001 as well as the safety standard of European Union (CE).

In addition to being the leader brand in Taiwan with well-recognized quality, we have been working on expanding our oversea markets. Our products are available in many countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is the ultimate goal of our company to put our products in every major market of the world. Our philosophy is to take care of all the customers’ needs and people’s safety.

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